Presentations 2008

“The Future-State CIO: the Next Evolutionary Step”

Mark Hall, Founder & General Manager of the CIO Executive Council and CIO, CXO Media

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“ICT in a Converged and Mobilised World”

Giovanni Strocchi, Director, Group Business Product Management, Vodafone

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“IT Management as a Vision for Innovation”

Gregor Petri, Sr. Director, Enterprise IT & Service Management, CA EMEA

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“Managing the Business of IT”

Tukun Chatterjee, EMEA Global Sales Director, Compuware

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“IT in the Innovation Zone”

Tom Koulopoulos, Innovation Thought-Leader

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“The ‘Demand-Supply Organization’: Innovating the governance of IT for business results”

Jan Helgering, Partner and Senior Vice President of Operations, Quint Wellington Redwood

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“The Future of Business Intelligence Information Revolution”

Allan Russell, Head of Global Risk Practice, SAS Fellow

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“Usability and the user experience: Reducing Life-Cycle costs for IT projects”

Dr. William Gribbons, Director Human Factors and Information Design, Bentley College

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“Dynamic Data Center… A Challenge”

Γιάννης Κουκούτσης, IT Architecture Consultant, Fujitsu Siemens Computers

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“Business Enabling IT in a downturn”

Ορέστης Τσακαλώτος, CEO, Qualco

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“Maximizing the value of your data assets”

Γιοβάννα Φωτοπούλου, Product Manager, Relational

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“Maximizing the value of your data assets”

Βλάσης Παπαπαναγής, Sales & Marketing Director, SPSS BI Greece

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“Business Transformation & Human-Capital: Managing Change through Learning”

Αθανάσιος Παπαγγελής, Τεχνικός Διευθυντής, NGLS

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